The Weeping Willow™ – get lost beneath the boughs

The Weeping Willow™ is a steel structure from which hangs a dense canopy of ropes. Children can climb up, swing on or move through and explore – challenging their upper body strength.

A second version of the Weeping Willow™ is also available – using chimes instead of ropes, creating a beautiful musical experience.

two types to choose from


The Weeping Willow™ comes in climbing rope structure or chimes



configure frame dimensions to fit your design, space and budget

The Weeping Willow™ 100% recyclable and PCR materials & specifications



A513 Hot Rolled Steel frame – 11 gauge

Also available in Stainless Steel 304

Stainless Steel hardware and fittings

8mm powder coated frame available in pantone colors



7/8″ nylon double braid rope

1 year warranty