you can configure it any way you want

modular design makes it easy to customize to your space & budget

FreePlay™ is a system comprised of 4 distinct individual modules that can be mixed in endless configurations. Each piece can be used individually or grouped together to create a sprawling, abstract playground. Built by the leading edge U.S. playground equipment manufacturer.

The Ant Farm™, a stunning clear structure supporting organic-shaped platforms and climbing tubes that appear to float in space. Corkscrew slide can be added. Climbable as well as contained versions are available.

Part labyrinth, part playhouse, part climbing structure – The Maze™ combines polyethylene and polycarbonate cubes with round openings to form an artful structure that invites endless exploration and play.

The Cornfield™ is available in 3 different designs – one is a field of vertical, soft stalks that gently respond to contact, another is an illuminated stalk, and there is also a climbing version on which children climb from one stalk to another.

The Weeping Willow™ is a steel structure supporting a dense canopy of hanging ropes that kids can climbing up, swing from, and explore. A version with chimes instead of ropes is also available.