The Cornfield™… wander in wonder

Children are captivated as they wander through a field of soft corn stalks that flex and sway as you move through them. An LED option creates dramatic evening scapes. A stationary version is also available on which children climb from one to another and navigate around each other.

three types to choose from


The Cornfield™ is comprised of vertical soft stalks that gently respond to contact, the Climbable Corn Stalks™ don’t sway but support children for climbing while the Illuminated version also sway and return to upright position.

Corn Stalks™

No fall height (not climbable). Allows Corn Stalks™ to gracefully sway and return to upright position.

Climbable Corn Stalks™

6′ exterior fall height  |  5′ interior fall height

Climbable Corn Stalks™ are stationary (do not sway) and support children climbing from one stalk to another.

Illuminated Corn Stalks™

Energy efficient, 3W low voltage LED

in every configuration you can imagine

Cornfield™ 100% recyclable and PCR materials & specifications

Corn Stalks™


Tough flexible vinyl cap

1.25 Φ OD Scratch resistant, UV protected, antimicrobial Polycarbonate (PC) tube

SwayPoint™ Hinge (proprietary spring mechanism)

LED Version


Energy efficient, 9W low voltage LED

Check local code for underground wiring requirements

Climbable Corn Stalks™


40mmΦ AISI 1020 pipe

Also available in Stainless Steel

8mm powder coating available in pantone colors

Polyurethane climbing donuts

Stationary base comprised of 0.6″ steel plate welded to upright, steel pipe

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