is a new concept in play!

unstructured play is key

Those increasingly rare moments when children run free, play make-believe, and build their creativity – are critical for a child’s intellectual, social and physical development.

playgrounds are too rigid

Most playgrounds you see force children to interact in a proscribed way – leaving little chance for inspiration and no room for imagination.

now unleash imaginations

FreePlay™ has created stunningly innovative environments specifically designed to foster unstructured play – where fun is only limited by a child’s resourcefulness.

a smarter way to have fun


FreePlay™ play environments are comprised of 4 distinct modules that can be mixed in endless configurations to fit any space or budget.

fun for all

Allowing for imaginative, free-form fun, FreePlay™ is developmentally appropriate for pre-school age to older children. ADA configurations available.


Durable, higher quality materials and construction for longevity, plus the ability to right-size makes FreePlay™ a budget smart choice.