It’s a Maze™-ing!

In The Maze™, children can weave through intricate paths, traverse passageways and encounter blind alleys. Imagination will drive the play as they seek ways in and out, discover secret chambers and scale the structure.

two types to choose from


Choose the Climbing Structure version of The Maze™ for outdoor use. Or, select the “Contained Play” design for indoors or when limited space is available, and/or to prevent children from climbing on the outside of the structure.

climbing structure

Requires large safety zone

Climb on the outside and top of the unit

Holes in unit are open

Open top platform with railing

Meets ASTM F1487 requirements

contained play

Utilizes smaller safety zone

Restricts climbing on outside and top of unit

Must be 3 or more cubes high

Round openings for 2nd and 3rd rows have polycarbonate windows

Meets ASTM F1918 requirements

in every configuration you can imagine

The Maze™ 100% recyclable and PCR materials & specifications

Steel Frame


11 gauge, A513 Hot Rolled Steel frame
Also available in Stainless Steel 304
Stainless Steel hardware
8 mm powder coated frame available in Pantone colors
10-year warranty

Walls, Floor, Ceiling & Fascia


Scratch-resistant, UV protected, antimicrobial High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Polycarbonate (PC)
HDPE produced from 100% recycled material
ASTM E-84 Class A or B Flame/Smoke Compliance
Also available in cold transfer wood grain on Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
5-year warranty